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Library: Cochin Paperback Depository
Library Web Site:
Mailing Address: Box 190
City/Town: Cochin
Postal Code: S0M 0L0
General Inquiries:
    Phone:(306) 386-1148
    Fax:(306) 386-2333
Affiliation:  Lakeland Library Region
Affiliation Web Site:
Online catalogue -- Web:
Open to the public:  Yes
Wheelchair accessible:  Yes
Assistive services & equipment:  Large print books and books on tape.
Sector:  Public
Type:  Branch
Subject(s):  General Broad Selection
Highlights of collection:  Needlework collection donated by the Workbasket Embroidery Guild in our area. This includes various types of needlepoint, knitting, etc.
Hours of opening:  Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
National Library of Canada Symbol:  SCDL
Notes:  The library is on Highway #4.
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